How to Disinfect the Carpets With Natural Products Around the House

When it comes to the most dust attracting element in your home, the carpets pop up in the first place! Your carpets have to deal with the dirty shoes, and muddy paws of your furry friend that makes it imperative to disinfect them, immediately!

If calling carpet cleaning miami is not an option for you, then you can try these DIY methods to disinfect the carpets with the natural products available in your home.

List of Items You Need

You don’t need tons of items to sanitize your carpet. Generally, three everyday items are available in every home.

  • Hot water
  • Steam cleaner
  • White vinegar

Easy Steps to Disinfect the Carpets at Home

Step 1: Prepare the Cleaning Mixture 

Start by preparing a solution of water and vinegar. There is no specific ratio, but you can take equal quantities of both the liquids. Some steam cleaners have mentioned the amount of solution you should pour, and therefore you can get an idea of how much mixture would be required.

Step 2: Fill the Solution 

Now fill the prepared solution into the vessel of the steam cleaner. Make sure that you are not overfilling the vessel, as it can damage the steam cleaner. Fill it exactly where you see the marking engraved on the vessel.

Step 3: Start Cleaning the Carpets 

Clean the carpets using the steamer in an ideal direction so that the machine cleans the dust and debris. Run the machine multiple times over a single area to ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned and no viruses and germs are alive.

Clean all the carpets in your home and keep on refilling the vessel when you see the low solution indicator turned on.

Step 4: Let the Carpets Dry 

Don’t use the carpets unless they are dry completely. Wet carpets can magnetize a lot of dust and dirt, and there will be no purpose of cleaning and disinfecting the carpets. You can use a carpet dryer if possible, or leave the rug to dry itself.

Smelling vinegar from the carpets? Don’t worry, the smell of vinegar will be eliminated after the carpet dries completely. You can even use a deodorizer to freshen up the carpets.

Some Helpful Tips to Remember While Disinfecting Carpets


  • Do a Spot Test


Before hopping on the carpet with a steam cleaner, you should consider doing a spot test to ensure that the carpet dyes don’t reach with the mixture. Sprinkle the solution on a small area, and clean it using a piece of cloth.

Let the carpet sit for about 30-minutes, and inspect whether there are any signs of damage.


  • Use baking Soda to Avoid Vinegar Smell.


If the vinegar smell still persists even after the carpet has dried then use baking soda to prevent it. Sprinkle baking soda over the dry carpet and vacuum clean it after 15-minutes.

Final Thoughts

With this DIY method, you can disinfect carpets at home. Make sure to do the spot test if you don’t want to ruin your precious carpets.